Imagine what would happen if Google was down for a whole day?!

Chaos would be ravaging the streets and people would be going crazy (might happen who knows 🤷‍♂️). However, nothing like this has ever happened.

This proves that the Google Search Engine is truly ubiquitous. It is so common and widely used that a verb was made out of it. Nobody says, “Let’s Microsoft it” or “Just Apple it” but everybody uses the phrase, “Let’s Google it”.

Human society has come to depend on so many things, such as cars, medicines, the internet, technology and so many more. However…

1500 years ago in a kingdom of India, 2 kings were first seen playing this game. One was from the Gupta Dynasty and the other was from Persia. At the time, this game was considered one of the most royal and strategic pastimes. Today, in 2020, the descendant of the Great Chandra Gupta Maurya is here writing this article — Purav Gupta the 3rd.

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Just kidding, just kidding. My last name is Gupta but I am no descendant of any king 😉. What I do have in common with Chandra Gupta Maurya is a liking for Chess. I play online…

Nanotechnology is changing the world by building a better and brighter future. These miniscule pieces of technology could play a vital role in fields ranging from health and wellness to geography, such as detecting greenhouse house gases using Carbon Nanotubes. So, allow me to take you on a quick tour into the fascinating world of nanosensors.

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So What Is Nanotechnology?

Over the years countless scientists have argued over the exact definition of nanotechnology. The most widespread definition accepted revolves around the study and control of materials and phenomena below 100 nanometres. …

Purav Gupta

Driven student who is propelled by his ambition of breaking barriers in the world and impacting billions.

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